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Product information
Ingredients: 100% natural wood
No Preservatives
Packing 500 sets 1 carton
wooden spoon
- Dimensions: 160x32x1.8mm or 110x25x1.8mm

Wooden Plate
- Dimensions: 160x27x1.8mm

WOOD Knife
- Dimensions: 165x25x1.8mm

- Dimensions: 110mm / 114mm / 140mm

HSD 18 months from date of manufacture
User manual: tools to eat cakes, fruits...
Best stored at 25 degrees Celsius, avoid direct sunlight


Single-use wooden spoons and forks are a great alternative to plastic cutlery. With material made of 100% wood, absolutely safe for health and quickly decomposing, wooden spoons and forks are very environmentally friendly. Especially at GRF Company, we provide products Luxury wooden spoons and forks  individually packaged, this will be a quality product to replace plastic products with the same purpose.


Advantages of Luxury disposable wooden spoons and forks

It is no coincidence that Luxury disposable wooden spoons and forks are used by many people and are becoming a trend among young people. Because this product line is not only good for health but also environmentally friendly, contributing to building a sustainable environment.

Safe for users


Luxury wooden spoons and forks are made of 100% natural wood, so it is extremely safe for users. Especially, Luxury products are completely free of any chemicals or additives in the production process, safety is strictly guaranteed during use. Therefore, using wooden spoons and forks, users are protected absolutely health, different from disposable plastic spoons, less safe and can be contaminated with microplastic particles after a long time of use.

Especially with these  wooden spoons products, they are completely unreacted with any food, such as acid-containing foods, so it is safer to use. Using wooden spoons and forks is a smart choice to protect the health of the whole family.


Wooden spoons and forks Various models

The product Luxury wooden spoon and fork is a high-class product designed extremely delicately and luxuriously, suitable for the space of cafes, restaurants or in your family. The unique spoons and spoons meet both function and aesthetics, contributing to making dishes more delicious and attractive.

Luxury cutlery is a product manufactured on a high-end line, each product is meticulously polished in each cut, ensuring a difference that is both convenient and beautiful. This is an indispensable product on the family dining table or in restaurants and bars.

GFR – Providing Luxury disposable wooden spoons and forks

With the desire to meet the needs of users, especially those who have a need to use wooden spoons and forks in large quantities, GFR Joint Stock Company we provide  wooden spoons and forks Luxury high quality, packaged Private, large quantity, absolute quality assurance.

Wooden spoons and forks Luxury at GFR is a high-class product that is meticulously manufactured, modern, sophisticated in design and completely different from processed goods on the market. 100% of the products are guaranteed to be 100% natural, without preservatives, and without the use of chemicals, so they can ensure absolute safety for health and are environmentally friendly. The products are diverse in design and design, to meet all the needs of customers.

If you are looking to buy wooden knives, wooden spoons in bulk, high-class goods and individually packaged according to your needs, please contact GFR immediately to be provided with satisfactory products. We are always confident to bring the best quality products and the most favorable prices to our customers. Contact us now for the best product support and advice as required!




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